Client Services

handshakeInitiatives, Inc. is a company that provides outsourced strategic business development, strategic information and knowledge. We prospect for and develop relationships with end users and strategic stakeholders for our clients.

We grow market share and/or drive specific projects that require strategic market outreach and selling. Many of our contacts are at the “C-level” and public official level. We plan, facilitate and build strong target market relationships.

In addition, we also “do” by actually developing and executing action plans that will successfully achieve established client goals.

Market Discovery

Identifying key stakeholders within target markets, establishing contact with them and determining their needs as it relates to our client’s offering.

Establishing Relationships

Introducing our clients to key stakeholders and jointly developing rapport, trust and a value proposition that will develop into strategic relationships.

Market Strategy

Developing a strategy based on market input from key stakeholders that will ensure our client’s goals and objectives are achieved.

Project Management

Determining and executing the action steps necessary to move the process forward.


Closing the deal and achieving “success” as determined by our clients.